Thursday, September 06, 2007

Nintendo Wii: a new game plan.

Like any other game console manufacturers, the Japanese multinational corporation – Nintendo was happy to slog it out with its competitors like Sony and Microsoft over the tiny market of virtual gamers – a group comprising mainly of youngsters in their teen age to mid twenties. Till their earlier gaming console Nintendo GameCube, the company's strategy was no different from its competitors, with their gaming consoles needed furious key pressing by the gamer. However, with their latest offering – the Nintendo Wii now aims to take the surreal world of video gaming to people previously untouched by this revolution. The Nintendo Wii is not just aimed to compete against Microsoft's X-Box and Sony's PlayStation 3, but also open up new areas of opportunity for the video gaming industry as a whole.

The most fascinating aspect of the Nintendo Wii is its wireless controller with three dimensional motion detection capabilities. There were instances when wireless gaming controllers were experimented with earlier, however, it is for the first time that any gaming consoles are produced in a commercial basis. Thereby, video gaming is no longer about feverishly pressing 'control' and 'action' keys. The Nintendo Wii controller acts as a pointing device that can detect motion and rotation in three dimension. Next time when you play a game that involves high speed car chase, you simply turn the wireless control left or right instead of pressing left or right, so that you get the perfect drift to slip through a sharp cut.

This level of involvement of gamers and the feel of the game have done wonders. The intensity of the Nintendo Wii's popularity can be gauged by the simple fact that the Nintendo Wii has already outpaced one of the gaming giants in terms of number of units sold world wide. This seventh generation gaming console have brought in people across a wider demography – from children to parents and grandparents into the realms of video gaming.

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